[lfc] John W Henry - Philosopher


Hmm...a bit of a philosopher, this one.  Nice quote.  Kind of true and seems he's thinking and not just reacting - good.
'Some things happen early and some late. The important thing is that things happen. Sometimes what you avoid is important."

I was personally sorry that we missed Wickham.  Folks who'd seen him play raved on him.  I was sorry way back that we missed Walcott.  I think he would have solved our wide problems for years.

Anyway, Downing's a good player.  Let's see if he comes.  I'd prefer a little more flair, but he's very consitent.

As for lee going, I think it was perhaps inevitable, if sad, and many of us have wanted Gary Mc in for a long time.  He's been a Liverpool coach in all but name for a long time.  I think he'll be brilliant for us and he's on record as saying how much he loves the club and feels at home here.

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