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On Mon, 28 Feb 2011, Bill Thomas wrote:

> Oh and btw....Clattenberg saw it for sure...right

have a listen to tonight's 5 Live Sport discussion they had about it,
about 15 minutes in to the programme.

the statement from Mike Riley, the head pf refs, is laughable.

Clattenberg refereed it correctly because while he might not have seen it
directly he, like all refs, is trained to use peripheral vision to pick up
on events.

so he saw the event (even though he wasn't looking at it) and gave a free
kick so that's all there is to it. in fact, subsequent to that, he's seen
it on video and confirmed that no further action is needed.

even if he HAD said he was wrong and it warranted a red card it's likely
that the FA would have ignored what he said because of the FIFA directives
on not undermining ref's on-field decisions with 'trial by video'. this
last bit was from Graham Poll, incidentally...

ironically, the referee's assessor in the stands is required to review the
video of the whole game to mark the referee's decisions, so if he decides
that it should have been a red card then Clattenberg can punished. errr...
isn't that trial by video ?

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